Global Recycling Day 2024

This year for Global Recycling Day, we wanted to focus on practices and products that you can utilise to reduce your carbon footprint.

Portwest recycled workwear.

Gloves, Hi-Vis vests and footwear usage can be overlooked when looking at how you can improve your sustainability.

Portwestplanet is Portwest’s answer to sustainable workwear and PPE, featuring garments, foot protection and hand protection made from certified recycled fabrics and sustainable packaging. Portwest has managed to maintain the form, function and quality of their products while reducing the natural resources used in production.

LED lighting & replacements

Many sites still have outdated lighting in place. With energy costs and consumption constantly on the rise, reducing those factors becomes increasingly important.

By switching from fluorescent light bulbs to LEDs, it is estimated that they are up to 80% more efficient. Additionally, LED lights can last up to five times longer, meaning fewer bulbs and materials are wasted.

Swapping your full lighting scheme may seem like a daunting task. However, we can help. Surveying your site and showing the benefits and savings of updating your lighting takes the pressure off your hands.

Autolube and the importance of properly greasing bearings

According to NTN, 55% of premature bearing failures are due to inadequate lubrication. This varies from excessive to insufficient greasing, with each having their own list of problems leading to failure.

Excessive greasing can cause an increase in temperature, faster deterioration in high-speed bearings and damage contact seals. Insufficient lubricant can increase friction, cause premature wear and breakdown of the remaining grease and increase contamination from the lack of lubricant drain.

This all leads to peaks and dips in the two levels of lubricant when improperly manually greased, leading to a reduced bearing lifetime.

One solution for this is automatic lubrication. Great for hard to reach areas or when it is difficult to maintain a lubrication schedule, they keep bearings in the sweet spot to get the most out of the grease and bearings.

Single and multi point lubrication systems such as NTN-SNR’s booster range offer this by allowing the user to set the period the grease is distributed over. Meaning manufacturer specifications are easier to meet with less room for human error and save time over manual input of grease.

The result is reduced bearing and grease usage. Leading to lower waste, more savings on maintenance spend, and reduced downtime.