Case Study: Vending Solutions

Last year at Essential Industrial we brought in a new service.
Vending machines offer an innovative way to manage and track stock, taking away the stress of re-ordering and monitoring the stock, ultimately reducing usage and cost.
In 2022 we brought our vending solutions to a customer who was encountering supply issues ,often finding themselves waiting for critical PPE that could halt pro-duction.

Our solution to this was the D810. This machine allows for up to 810 products to be stored and all kept via a rotating drum and individual log ins give tailored access for employees.

The stock is tracked and stored in the cloud. Software tracks user withdrawals and creates live in-depth reports.

This then generates an automatic re-order for stock items to an agreed stock level. This saves customer time from manually inputting and checking stock, as well as ensuring a constant supply of critical PPE.

Essential and the customer receive a detailed report 3 times a week. We then deliver and restock the machine which is all part of the service.

Since the implementation the operation of the machine has run smoothly, backed by the support of Essential. The customer has seen decreased levels of PPE waste and a continuous supply of stock.
……The transition to the PPE vending machine has been seamless, the support from Essential and Safe Stock has been great. The capacity of the machine we chose is more than enough for the 55 staff we have on site and takes up minimal space. Our employees have had no problems with using the vending machine and from an administrative standpoint the reports are very useful and easy to create should we need tailored information. Great choice and great support…….. Site SHEQ Coordinator