Lubricant Products


At Essential Industrials we stick a comprehensive range of lubricants for all industries.

This includes bulk oils, hydraulic, gearbox and NSF standard oils and greases.

We supply NSF food safe oils and greases into major food manufacturers in the pizza industry, wine bottling, cough lozenges and bread production.

Working closely with manufacturers we ensure that all products are in line with latest NSF regulations.

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  • Engine Oils
  • Gear & Hydraulic Oils
  • Transmission Fluids
  • Greases
  • Agricultural & Tractor Oils
  • Compressor Oils
  • Turbine Oils
  • Machine Oils
  • Synthetic Oils
  • Cutting Fluids
  • Aerosols
  • Mineral Oils
  • Automotive Oils
  • Chainsaw Oils
  • Antifreeze

Hydraulic Oils

We specialise in a wide range of oils, Hydraulic Oils and in particular, Ultramax MG 46 from Exol is one of our most popular.

Ultramax MG 46: A high viscosity index hydraulic fluid with multigrade characteristics. It is manufactured from highly refined base oils which have good oxidation resistance lowering the possibility of gums and lacquers and carefully selected additives and special viscosity index improvers, which offer superior viscosity/temperature characteristics. It is particularly beneficial where extremes of ambient temperatures are encountered.

This hyraulic oil is typically used within the industrial, commercial, agricultural, off highway and rail industries. It is mainly used in heavy duty machinery in which lifting or high pressure is required.

Synthetic Oils

The automotive industry is well known for its use of synthetic oils which are generally used within the engine of the vehicles to prevent them from seizing. Each vehicle comes with a general user hand book which will detail the best oil to be used for the specific engine type. However, a range of machinery and hand held tools require synthetic oils to maintain the equipments functionality.

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